VSU500 Video Switching Unit

The VSU500-100 is a versatile Video Switch and Converter Unit with 5 input and 5 output channels, 4 channels of which are capable of converting up to eleven different video source formats. 

The VSU500-100 provides routing functionality whereby any of the 5 inputs can be switched to any of the 5 outputs.  The 4 processing channels also provide crop and zoom functionality to the source images. 

The VSU500-100 combines complex video switching capability with powerful video conversion and scaling, all in one compact device.  Commands used to select the configuration and switching choices are sent via RS422 or Ethernet. Operator settings are retained in the unit’s configuration memory upon shut down for quick mission readiness upon power up.

The unit is cooled by passive thermal conduction, watertight and is available with ARINC mounting tray for quick installation and removal.  The VSU500-100 features Built-in-Test (BIT) functionality and is fully qualified and tested to DO160E standards.


  • Accepts up to 5 Video Inputs

  • Provides 4 channels of video conversion

  • Accepts and converts VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, STANAG 3350 (A, B and C), PAL Y/C, PAL COMP, NTSC Y/C, NTSC COMP

  • Signals can be configured and customised via Ethernet or RS422 Inputs

  • Video Cropping and Resizing

  • ARINC Style mounting tray

Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 138mm x 80mm x 172mm

Weight - 3kg

Power - 28VDC

Power Dissipation - <25W

Inputs - 5 x Y/C, 5 x PAL/NTSC, 5 x RGB/RGsB

Outputs - 5 x Y/C, 5 x PAL/NTSC, 5 x RGB/RGsB

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