VSU400: Video Switching Unit

The VSU400 Video switching unit is design to be used with a wide range of Mission Systems.


This unit is designed to receive two STANAG 3350 inputs from the Tactical Data Units, which are switched between four outputs.


The inputs are routed to the outputs which is decided by a selection switch input from the Reconfiguration Control Panel.


The unit also receives two identical STANAG 3350 inputs from an EO source; each input will be split into two outputs to go to two Multi Functinal Displays each, creating four identical outputs.


  • Suitable for integration with Airborne Mission Systems

  • Can be customised if requested

Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 270mm x 65.mm x 147.69mm

Weight - 2kg

Power - 28VDC

Power Dissipation - 12W

Inputs - 2 x Composite, 2 x RGB (SOG)

Outputs - 4 x Composite, 4 x RGB (SOG)

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