Seascape Tactical Navigation Software

The SeaScape Tactical Navigation Software retrieves the aircraft’s location and trajectory from an attached GPS device and uses this to display the current position and heading on an S57 Nautical Vector Chart. Its function is similar to radar software, with the exception that it only uses AIS data to track and target.


Any vessel fitted with an AIS transponder periodically transmits its information including vessel identification, GPS location, course and speed. SeaScape receives this data from the AIS receiver and displays them on the map as selectable targets. As each vessel has a unique identification, this allows information about this vessel to be pulled from a database (part of the RDDS SeaScape application). This includes details such as:

  • An image of the vessel

  • The name of the vessel

  • Origin

  • Status

  • Speed/Course

  • Length/Breadth

  • Destination

  • ETA

  • Time information received


Once an AIS target is selected, SeaScape can calculate and display the heading required to intercept the vessel.

Range and Bearing Markers can also be displayed on the map when connected to a compatible Range and Bearing Interface Unit.


  • Highly detailed S57 nautical charts

  • Intuitive and user-friendly interface

  • GPS navigation display

  • AIS target acquisition and display

  • Target intercept plotting and display

  • AIS target filtering

Outline Technical Specifications

Minimum System Requirements - CPU Pentium P4 2.8Ghz (or equivalent)

RAM - 1Gb

OS - Windows™ XP/VISTA/7

Hard Disk - 256Mb for installation (+min 1Gb for AIS Database)

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