LCD1506: 15" Display

The LCD1506 Display is a member of RDDS' range of Ruggedized Airborne Mission Displays.


The LCD1506 is an in-cockpit video and radar display. It is compatible with E/O video systems and colour electro-optic sensor systems, RGB moving map systems and various RGB sources.


The LCD1506 includes extra functional keyboards for on screen displays.

The fully ruggedized display contains these additional features: Movable and Sizable Picture-in Picture, NVG Compatibility, Built-in Test Monitoring with LED Alert Illumination, Image Swap and Freeze, plus RDDS' proprietary M.I.S.T.™ image enhancement technology.


The RDDS proprietary M.I.S.T.™ image enhancement significantly improves image quality in low-visibility conditions caused by smoke, haze or rain. The M.I.S.T.™ image enhancement also produces particularly impressive results when used with infrared (IR) camera systems during night operations.


The LCD1506 is designed to meet the environmental conditions specified in RTCA/DO-160D to ensure high reliability in harsh operating conditions.


  • 4:3 Aspect Ratio

  • 1024 x 768 Resolution

  • LED Backlighting - Fully dimmable to 0%

  • Picture in Picture (movable and sizeable)

  • NVG Compatibility

  • RDDS M.I.S.T.™ Image Enhancement

  • VGA Input suitable for Radar and Moving Map

  • Suitable for integration with Airborne Mission Systems

  • Functional as a Standalone Monitor/Display

Outline Technical Specifications


Dimensions - 364.5mm x 320mm x 97mm

Weight - 6kg

Power - 28VDC

Power Dissipation - 48W

Inputs - 4 x Composite Video, 1 x RGB, 1 x ARINC 429, 1 x External Joystick (optional)

Output - 4 x Composite Video

Screen Luminance - 1000cdm² Typical

Resolution - 1024 x 768

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