LCD1015 10.4” Touchscreen  Display

RDDS’s new range of LCD Screens are purpose built as a reliable and functional replacement for similar airborne displays. Our commitment to reliability, through-life support and quality British engineering, makes our displays the perfect solution for anyone looking to upgrade.

With its 1024 x 768 Resolution, this 10.4” Display provides excellent visual quality. Built in Moving Map controls including an 8 direction Joystick to allow for full Mission Control.


In addition, this display comes fitted with Touchscreen Control Functionality, providing a new dimension of control for Mission Operators and reducing the reliance on traditional button control.


The attached USB Port provides a wide range of configuration options to maximise the flexibility of this Display in numerous Mission Workflows.


The LCD1015 offers superb sunlight readability with it’s >1000cd/m2 backlight.


The LCD1015 has a fully optically Bonded LCD and LED backlight Stack offering increased optical clarity, ruggedness and improved durability. Furthermore, it provides an extended temperature range, a reduction in parallax issues and removes susceptibility to condensation.


  • 1024 x 768 Resolution

  • 10.4” XGA Touchscreen Display

  • Moving Map Touch-screen Controls

  • Continuous Built In Test (CBIT)

  • 8 Direction Joystick with Press

  • USB Port for Display Configuration

  • Bonded LCD Backlight Stack

  • Sunlight Readable >1000cd/m2

Outline Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 233mm x 273mm x 63mm

Weight - 2.6kg

Power - 28VDC

Overall Power Dissipation - 40W

Inputs - 2 x Graphics RGBHV (up to WUXGA), 2 x Composite Video, 2 x S-Video

Resolution - 1024 x 768

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