KB100: Keyboard & Trackball

The KB100-140 is a fully NVG compliant keyboard and trackerball combination, perfect for intergrating into the MMU100 or MMU200 system. The KB100-140 consists of an NVG backlit ruggedised keyboard, a tracker ball mouse and an internal USB splitter - allowing the KB100-140 to control two computers, with a simple hot key combination used to switch the output port.


The keyboard has 5 backlight levels and is cycled with a button press on the keyboard, the unit is powered through the USB 5VDC input. 


The KB100-140 is designed to meet the environmental conditions specified in RTCA/DO-160D to ensure high reliability in harsh operating conditions.


  • Ruggedised NVG backlit keyboard

  • Trackerball mouse

  • Internal USB splitter

Outline Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 441mm x 195mm x 52mm

Weight - 1.5kg

Power - 5VDC (from USB)

Input/Outputs - 2 x USB

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