IU200: Radar Control Panel

RDDS Avionics Displays Video Management Aviation Mission Control Command Mission Software IU200 Radar Control Panel

The RDDS IU200-140 radar control unit is designed to work exclusively with the Telephonics© RDR-1500B+ & RDR– 1700 Weather Radar Systems. It receives an incoming ARINC 429 data stream from the Radar which contains information required to generate soft-key legends, these are then displayed on a 5” TFT Panel. Key selections made by the operator are then transmitted to the Radar system via a return ARINC429 channel.


The front bezel has on screen keys and is backlit to nvg standard. A joystick is provided to give the user control over the cursor on the main radar display.


All RDDS Avionics Limited displays are designed to meet RTCA/DO-160D Standards or higher to ensure high relability in harsh operating conditions.


  • LED Backlighting - Fully dimmable to 0%

  • NVG Compatibility

  • Joystick cursor control

  • Fingertip control of menu options

  • Suitable for integration with Airborne Mission Systems

  • Functional as a Standalone Monitor/Display

Outline Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 146.05mm x 114.3mm x 67mm

Weight - 1.5kg

Power - 28VDC

Power Dissipation - 14W


1 x Joystick (optional)

2 x ARINC429 channels

Dimming Bus Input

Screen Luminance - 500cdm² Typical