IU1800-400 Component Video Splitter

The IU1800-400 is a versatile video splitter that can be configured to accept a variety of video sources. Due to it’s compact design, the IU1800-400 can be installed in virtually any interior location on an aircraft.

The unit has Built in Test (BIT) functionality with NVG compatible LED status indicators.

One of the newest in a full range of video distribution and formatting products, the IU1800-400 is a video splitter comprised of two isolated video distribution modules, each module can receive one component video (RGB SOG) and outputs two component videos (RGB SOG). 

The IU1800-400 is autonomous and once power is supplied the unit is fully functional. The IU1800-400 is equipped with built-in supervisory monitoring of the unit’s temperature and power and will illuminate a red LED if a fault is detected. All indication LED’s are fully NVG compliant.

The unit is designed to meet and has been tested and qualified to the environmental conditions specified in RTCA/DO-160G including Lightning Induced Transients.

All of the unit’s electronics are designed and manufactured by RDDS with an emphasis on through-life support, reliability and ruggedness.


  • Receives 2 Component Video (RGB SOG)

  • Outputs 4 Component Videos (RGB SOG)

  • Power Indication LED (NVIS)

  • BIT (Built in Test) Functionality

  • BIT Status LED (NVIS)

  • Active Power and Temperature Monitoring

  • Buffers and distributes RGsB Signals, including STANAG 3350 A, B and C

Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 250mm x 170mm x 83.5mm

Weight - 2kg

Power - 28VDC

Overall Power Dissipation - 60W

Inputs - 1 x RGsB, 1 x RGsB

Outputs - 2 x RGsB, 2 x RGsB

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