IU1300-100 Video Format Converter

The IU1300-100 Video Format Converter is intended to allow the Brightness and Contrast adjustment of a composite image. The unit is placed in line between the EVS source and the display and connect to two potentiometers allowing for Brightness Up/Down and Contrast Up/Down adjustment.

The Video is converted from the analogue to the digital domain using a video decoder and re-encoded into the analogue domain though a video encoder. 


  • Provides Brightness and Contrast Control to Video Signals

Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 147.4mm x 40.5mm x 107.9mm

Weight - 0.4kg

Power - 28VDC

Power Dissipation - 1W

RDDS Avionics Displays Video Management Aviation Mission Control Command Mission Software IU1300-100 Video Format Converter