RD3001: Keyboard & Trackball

The RD3001 is a ruggedised, NVIS compliant Keyboard and Trackball. Designed to interface with a wide range of Mission Computers via PS/2 or USB.


Featuring a 38mm Phenolic Resin Trackball embedded in the unit, the RD3001 offers excellent Mission Control, while ensuring no more wandering cursors, even in high vibration Mission Platforms.

For further control and mission adaptability, the RD3001 is fully backlit with NVIS compliant (MIL-STD 3009 Class B) lighting, which  is selectable between 5 backlight levels, from off to full.


This version of the keyboard has a QWERTY Layout, however a number of standard languages are available for the keyboard and more are available on request.

The RD3001 is designed to meet the harsh environmental conditions specified in RTCA DO-160G. Featuring a hard-wearing external coating for a corrosion resistant finish, you can rely on the RD3001, no matter the Mission Requirements.


All of the unit’s electronics are designed and manufactured by RDDS with an emphasis on through-life support, reliability and ruggedness. 


  • Ruggedised Build Quality

  • NVG Backlit - MIL STD 3009 Class B

  • Wear Resistant Coating

  • Wide Range of USB Interface Options

Outline Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 440mm x 195mm x 37mm

Weight - 2.4kg

Power - 5VDC

Overall Power Consumption - Est. 1W